MTS Sport Horse

MTS Sport Horse in Practice

'Focused Findings in the PPE of Equine Athletes'

Department of Equine Sciences – Utrecht University

Thursday 23 | 1 | 2020

8:50 Welcome and registration
9:00 Introduction by Edwin Enzerink (NL)
9:10 PPE Case examples | ‘Hide-and-Seek’ by clients and colleagues
  Carolyn Weinberg (US) & Ieuan Pritchard (UK)
9:50 Optimizing ultrasonographic image quality to avoid PPE scrutiny
  Mary Beth Whitcomb (US)
10:20 Coffee and tea break
10:40 Bringing knowledge into practice!
  Focused Findings in the PPE of Equine Athletes
  • Carolyn Weinberg (US) | Prepurchase Exam I
  • Sue Dyson (UK) | Prepurchase Exam II
  • Christoph Lischer (DE) | Prepurchase Exam III
  • Ieuan Pritchard (UK) | Prepurchase Exam IV
  • Rasmus Westgren (SE) | Prepurchase Exam V
  • Felipe Bragança (NL/PT) | DEMO – Mobile Gait Analysis (2x)
  • Mary Beth Whitcomb (US) | DEMO – How to…..optimize US of Stifle and Meniscus (2x)
  • Harold Brommer (NL) | CASES – 'Blame Game': Law suits in sport horses
  Each 45 minutes the groups and horses rotate to another instructor
  All delegates have the ability to examine min. 3 horses in small groups
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Continue Bringing knowledge into practice!
15:40 Coffee and tea break
16:00 Mobile Gait Analysis – Todays findings of EquiMoves®
  Felipe Bragança (NL/PT)
16:20 Todays 10 most striking findings | In Depth Discussion
  Moderators: Christoph Lischer, Mary Beth Whitcomb, Sue Dyson and Edwin Enzerink - All instructors of the PPE Exams
  In Depth Discussion of the Diagnostic Imaging Findings
  Comparison of specific diagnostic findings in different Upper Level Disciplines
17:50 End of the programme
Speakers & Instructors 2020
Sue Dyson (UK)  Sue is a world-renowned expert in equine orthopaedics, with a particular interest in lameness and poor performance in sports horses. Having trained horses and competed at Advanced level eventing and Grade A showjumping, and with a passionate interest in sports horses, Sue has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of performance problems in horses from all disciplines. She is highly skilled in the diagnosis of both subtle and complex lameness cases. She is also an expert in diagnostic imaging, including radiography, ultrasonography, scintigraphy and magnetic resonance imaging. Sue has lectured internationally and published more than 200 refereed papers in scientific journals, relating to lameness and diagnostic imaging in the horse. She is co-Editor and major author of ‘Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse’, ‘Equine Scintigraphy’ and ‘Clinical Radiology of the Horse’. In 2000 she was awarded the British Equine Veterinary Association John Hickman Orthopaedic Award for outstanding contributions to equine orthopaedics. In 2005 Sue was made an Honorary Member of the British Equine Veterinary Association. In 2007 she was awarded the Tierklinik Hochmoor award for outstanding, innovative and lasting contributions to equine veterinary medicine world-wide. Sue works extensively correlating the results of clinical investigation and diagnostic imaging, and responses to treatment providing evidence-based results. This meticulous approach to diagnosis also results in the recognition of new clinical conditions. Correlation of diagnostic imaging findings with detailed post mortem examinations helps to advance knowledge about image interpretation and to understand better how some lameness conditions develop, and thus how they may be prevented.
Carolyn Weinberg (US)  grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area involved with horses through 4-h and pony club. she continued working with horses, mostly in the combined training discipline, through her college years at the University of Vermont. Upon graduation from Cornell University in 1982, Carolyn came to the Connecticut/New york area to work as an equine veterinarian in a group practice and then as a solo practitioner. drs. baus and mitchell invited her to join them in 1989 to form fairfield equine associates. drs. weinberg and mitchell practice in florida during the winter months to provide a continuum of care for those clients who travel to the winter equestrian festival in wellington and the surrounding areas. Carolyn has special interests in lameness and medical problems and has, for many years, used alternative therapies (acupuncture and chiropractic work) in conjunction with traditional therapies for horses. An interest in animal welfare led to her appointment to the board of directors of the Westchester SPCA more than 15 years ago. Carolyn volunteers with this group by caring for and directing the rehabilitation of equine cruelty and neglect cases.
Rasmus Westgren (SE) is a certified veterinarian and enrolled in the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP). Conduct a distance education in Dublin that provides a certificate in Equine Sports Medicine in 2017. FEI-treating veterinarian since 2012. Rasmus has worked at Jonas Tornell Veterinär AB and been assistant national veterinarian in 2012-2015. The time before the veterinary studies was spent as a rider in Germany and the Netherlands. He has performed 1.45m jumping, test, 3-year test, quality assessment, Breeders and Scandinavian Open but now the competition ambitions are on pause, as the national team assignments take many weekends. Rasmus coveted Jonas Tornell on national team assignments since January 2017.
Ieuan Pritchard (UK) is being Welsh with his native language and comes from a large farming and successful showjumping family. He graduated from Liverpool Vet School in 1979. Ieuan is a founder member of the Rainbow Equine Hospital (REH), now one of the largest equine hospitals in the UK. Rainbow have always been on the front line of advanced imaging – being one of the earliest to use nuclear scintigraphy and the world first to perform standing CT in horses. With a busy schedule Ieuan’s day involves treating and preparing sport horses for premier competitions and tours. A significant part of his case load is the enjoyable work of performing prepurchase examinations for points and horses on a national and international level. His aim at Rainbow Equine Hospital is to help produce enthusiastic, hard working and well-grounded Veterinarians - which hopefully in turn will provide satisfied patients and clients. Outside work he is married to Mary, an international dressage rider and between them they have eight lovely children. Being a proud Welshman Ieuan played rugby at a high level and was also a boxing champion and captained his country – consequently, dealing with bad debts is not a major issue at Rainbow!