16th Veterinary Sport Horse Congress

Jumping Amsterdam 2020


Friday 24 | 1 | 2020


Saturday 25 | 1 | 2020

8:00 AM Welcome and registration 8:30 AM Welcome and registration
8:50 Introduction by chair
Jan-Hein Swagemakers (DE)
9:00 Introduction by chair
Jan-Hein Swagemakers (DE)

Subchondral bone pathologies in P1 | Bisphosphonate: a blessing and a curse?
Christoph Lischer, Freie Universität Berlin (DE)


Why don't sport horse clients do what I want them to do? Make your life easier!
Carolyne Crowe, VDS Training (UK)


My Suspensory DDX: when you have no diagnosis after Rx and US, realize you've missed it!
Michel Hoegaerts, EquiSound (BE)

9:40 Motion Palpation in examining the Skeleton of Sport Horses
Carolyn Weinberg, Fairfield Equine (US)
    10:20 Unique Cases of Ultrasound & the Poor Performer
Mary Beth Whitcomb (US)
10:20 Coffee and tea break 11:00 Coffee and tea break
10:50 Maximizing the value of US | focUS on the suprasesamoidean region
Mary Beth Whitcomb, University of California (US)
11:30 The additional value of check-up MRI in the rehab of hindlimb lameness
Michel Hoegaerts (BE)
11:30 Management of manica flexoria pathologies
Christoph Lischer (DE)

Coxofemoral Ultrasonography - Lessons Learned!
Mary Beth Whitcomb (US)

12:10 Lunch 12:50 Lunch
13:20 The poor performing sport horse - modern upper airway diagnostics and treatment
Tim Barnett, Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons (UK)

PPE findings of the Mouth | Pass or Fail? - that is the question!
Tim Barnett (UK)


Managing allergic airway disease and EIPH in competing sport horses
Fe ter Woort, ESMP (BE)

14:30 New German guidelines for interpretation of PPE radiographs[interactive cases]
Christoph Lischer (DE)
14:40 Coffee and tea break 15:10 Coffee and tea break

When teeth are the weakest link in high performance horses
Tim Barnett (UK)


PPE Panel | 'Hide-and-Seek' - by clients and colleagues
[interactive cases and voting]


The busier, the better! Take control to increase performance and productivity
Carolyne Crowe (UK)

  Mary Beth Whitcomb (US) - Carolyn Weinberg (US) - Ieuan Pritchard (UK) - Rasmus Westgren (SE) - Tim Barnett (UK) - Christoph Lischer (DE)
16:30 Sport Medicine News Hour
Carolyn Weinberg - Fe ter Woort - Christoph Lischer - Tim Barnett
18:00 End of the programme  17:50 End of the programme
until 19:00 Drinks and Snacks    
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