15th Veterinary Sport Horse Congress

60th Diamond Edition Jumping Amsterdam 2019


Friday 25 | 1 | 2019


Saturday 26 | 1 | 2019

8:00 AM Welcome and registration 8:30 AM Welcome and registration
8:50 Introduction by chair
Jan-Hein Swagemakers (DE)
9:10 Introduction by chair
Jan-Hein Swagemakers (DE)

The cranial neck - normal vs. abnormal
Erik Bergman, Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre (NL)


Blocking patterns with injury to the distal limb
Kurt Selberg, Colorado State University (US)


Wobblers do win medals!
Richard Hepburn, B&W Equine Vets (UK)


When things aren't simple: multi limb and proximal limb lameness
Luís Lamas (PT)

10:20 Coffee and tea break 10:40 Coffee and tea break
10:50 Tarsus and suspensory ligament: treating them as a region
Kurt Selberg (US)
11:10 Tips and tricks for optimising your ultrasound examinations
Roger Smith, Royal Veterinary College London (UK)
11:30 Unusual tendon injuries in the performance horse
Roger Smith (UK)
11:50 How to deal with Rules and Regulations as treating sport horse vet
Stephen Schumacher (US)
12:10 Lunch 12:30 Lunch
13:20 Decreased protraction of the front limb, what?
Erik Bergman (NL)

Don't forget the medical side of the PPE - respiratory tract, gastro-intestinal tract and CNS
Richard Hepburn (UK)


The role of the sport horse vet in training and conditioning the equine athlete
Luís Lamas (PT)


PPE findings of the Equine Eye – Pass or Fail? – that’s the question!
Hanneke Hermans (NL)


Peak Performance - how to deal with subclinical internal medicine issues
Richard Hepburn (UK)

14:50 Diagnostic imaging findings in the PPE – Pass or Fail? – that’s the question!
Kurt Selberg (US)
15:20 Coffee and tea break 15:30 Coffee and tea break

Use, Misuse or Abuse? Impact of supplements in the equine industry
Stephen Schumacher (US)


What’s the meaning of “normal” in the PPE, from controversies to clinical relevancy

16:40 Novelties in Treatments, Training and Rehab for sport horses
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Roger Smith – Richard Hepburn – Luís Lamas – Stephen Schumacher (US)
  Kurt Selberg (US) - Richard Hepburn (UK) - Roger Smith (UK) - PJ McMahon (UK) - Edwin Enzerink (NL) - Luís Lamas (PT) - Arie Hoogendoorn (NL) - Hanneke Hermans (NL)
18:00 End of the programme  17:40 End of the programme
until 19:00 Drinks and Snacks by Grovet and Podoblock
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