24-26 JANUARY 2019
08:50 AM -17:50 PM
In the unique ambiance of Jumping Amsterdam, equine veterinarians with specific interests in sport horses are able to attend the 15th edition of the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress.

International top speakers are invited for this 2-day programme on the 25-26 January about sport horse medicine and management. Make your visit a 3-day conference when attending the practical pre-congres day, MTS Sport Horse in Practice. This is organized at at Utrecht University on 24 January.
Jumping Amsterdam is the annual highlight in the Dutch equestrian calendar. At the end of January, Amsterdam is hosting the world’s best riders in both show jumping and dressage. During the evening programs attending veterinarians have the opportunity to relax and watch the fabulous shows and contests during the 60th Diamond Edition of Jumping Amsterdam, only included with VIP registration. The Veterinary Sport Horse Congress 2019: the optimal combination of top sport and continuing education!
3-Day Full Congress VIP € 1.295,-
3-Day Full Congress € 995,-
2-Day Full Congress VIP € 795,-
2-Day Full Congress € 535,-
Congress Day € 285,-
24-1 MTS Sport Horse in Practice € 445,-
10 single places, the rest with 3-day  
Satellite Seminar  € 75,-