Vet Sporthorse Congress



Where international sport horse vets meet!


Where international sport horse vets meet!

In 2024 Proveto organizes the 18th edition of the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress in combination with Jumping Amsterdam. Equine vets from all over the globe are heading to Amsterdam at the end of January 2024 to meet, unite and share the most recent developments and knowledge. Veterinary Sport Horse Congress is the annual highligh for international sport horse vets worldwide!

Scientific & Practice-oriented

In the unique ambiance of Jumping Amsterdam, equine veterinarians with specific interests in sport horses are able to attend the 18th edition of the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress.

International top speakers are invited for this 2-day programme on the 26-27 January about sport horse medicine and management. Make your visit a 3-day conference when attending the practical pre-congres day, MTS Sport Horse in Practice. This is organized at Utrecht University on 25 January.

  1. Utrecht University Welcome and registration
  2. Introduction by chair

    Edwin Enzerink (NL)

  3. Top-10 controversies on radiographs in PPE exams

    Sarah Puchalski (CA)

  4. PPE Case examples | ‘Hide-and-Seek’ by clients and colleagues

    Marc Koene (DE)

  5. Coffee & tea break
  6. Bringing knowledge into practice!

    Focused Findings in the PPE of Equine Athletes

    instructors Marc Koene (DE) | Rachel Murray (UK) | Lisa Lidbeck (SE) | Filipe Serra Bragança (NL) | Marcus Swail (IE) | Kevin Haussler (US) | Richard Hepburn (UK) | Sarah Puchalski (CA)

  7. Lunch
  8. Bringing knowledge into practice!

    Focused Findings in the PPE of Equine Athletes

    all instructors

  9. Coffee and tea break

    Spot On | Todays 10 most striking findings - In Depth Discussion

    Moderators: Sarah Puchalski (CA), Kevin Haussler (US) and Edwin Enzerink (NL) + all instructors of the PPE Exams

  11. End of the programme
  12. Return to by coach to Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel
  13. Satellite Seminar

    Equine Evening Talks

    at Jumping Amsterdam. Speakers: Kevin Haussler (US) | Rachel Murray (UK) | Franklin Lashley (NL) - powered by Proveto. max. 80 persons

Satellite Seminars

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Advanced Treatments for Lameness

Organized by our Platinum Partner Grovet in partnership with Owl Manor, this Satellite Seminar will cover the latest insights in advanced treatment options for lameness in sport horses. A lot of hope has been set on these novel treatments. Besides a good understanding of orthopedic injuries, joint problems and bone cysts, the mode of action of novel treatment modalities need to be carefully considered in order to generate optimal results.

This satellite seminar is co-hosted by Proveto in advance of the 16th Veterinary Sport Horse Congress on Thursday 23 January 19:00 - 22:00 PM.

Speakers: William King (US), Karine Pader (FR), Marc Oertly (CH) and Carolyn Weinberg (US)

Final programme


For the fourth year in a row our  Silver Partner UTC Imaging is organizing the Tendon Injury Seminar on Friday 24 January including dinner. This Satellite Seminar focuses on the latest insights in managing tendon injuries in both sport horses and the comparison with high-performance human athletes. In addition to the lectures there is a nice discussion.

This satellite seminar is co-hosted by Proveto complementary to 16th Veterinary Sport Horse Congress. This seminar is organized in RAI Amsterdam (E103)on Friday 24 January 19:00 - 22:00 PM. Please notice! Only 40 places available.

Speakers: Jonathan McLellan (US), Sarah Plevin (US), Jarrod Antflick (UK), Frans van Toor (NL) and Hans van Schie (NL)

Final programme
2024 Speakers

Sarah Puchalski

Puchalski Equine Imaging

Kevin Haussler

Colorado State University

Rachel Murray

Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons

Richard (Dicky) Hepburn

B&W Equine Vets

Lieven Vlaminck

Ghent University

Marcus Swail

EquiVET Ireland

Marc Koene

Tierklinik Lüssche

Jan-Hein Swagemakers

Tierklinik Lüssche

Edwin Enzerink

VC Someren

Christiana Ober

Andre Buthe Equine Clinic

Filipe Bragança

Utrecht University


Veterinary Sporthorse Congress 2024 is sponsored by:

I Amsterdam

Make the most of your visit to Jumping Amsterdam! Take your time to explore the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam is very accessible and compact with an excellent public transport system. Amsterdam is the ideal place for an informal visit with colleague veterinarians and bring your partner. What about arranging to meet up in one of the many museums that are often located within walking distance of the city centre, the countless pavement cafés or one of the 55 theatres.

Amsterdam has a great reputation when it comes to dining and a good night out. Once in town, Amsterdams' charming, compact centre is easy to navigate on foot or by public transport. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Amsterdam.

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The 17th century canals of Amsterdam, known as the Grachtengordel, embraces the heart of the city where houses have interesting gables.

After an intense conference day at the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress 2024, you could consider to visit Amsterdam or enjoy and relax the upper level equestrian sports during Jumping Amsterdam.

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